Turf Pigments

Pigment Use:

Healthy green grass is highly desirable at all times.Certain times of the year makes this challenging.

This is where Kiwi’s Turf Pigment can provide an additional boost in keeping your Turfgrass looking its best even during the most challenging times.

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Kiwi's Turf Pigment

Kiwi’s Turf Pigments

  • Optimized formulation resulting in a deep green color enhancement effect.
  • Developed with input and feedback from some of the country‚Äôs finest golf courses and turf professionals.
  • Can be used on Tees, Greens and Fairways. Use as a pattern indicator that instantly beautifies your turf.
  • Rates start at 16 fluid ounces per acre using 40-80 gallons water as carrier. For more color intensity adjust accordingly.

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