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Our goal is not just to sell you products, but to help you make decisions that fit your budget and meet your agronomic/turfgrass goals. Our industry partners offer quality products that will fit your needs, whether it is wetting agents (surfactants), granular & foliar fertilizers (synthetic as well as organic), plant protectants, goose control, grass seed, or sand sources.

Empire Turf, Inc. is family-owned, and proudly serves golf courses, sports fields, landscapers and homeowners. Ross O’Fee, CGCS, has over 45 years’ experience in the turfgrass maintenance industry.

For more information, call today at (801) 819-9997, or email ross@empireinc.org

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Superior Products - Empire Turf, Inc.

Superior Products

Proven Research-Backed Solutions - Empire Turf, Inc.

Proven Research-
Backed Solutions

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Exceptional Service


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